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Beach Beau Rivage - Nice - Plan-Acces
  • Address of the beach
  • Plage Beau Rivage
    107 Quai des États-Unis
    06300 Nice | France
  • Telephone/informations : 04 92 00 46 80
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Our team is available to help people with disabilities who wish to access the beach, do not hesitate to ask us.


The Team

plage Beau Rivage ° Our Team

Our team is composed of two groups

Full-time staff members and Seasonal staff members.
Our full-time staff members are the backbone of the corporate culture that we transmit every year to our seasonal teams. We are 10 staff members per year and we welcome 45 seasonal co-workers during the period of high activity. They are the guarantors of our corporate culture, of the rigor and the work well-done that we demand for our customers.
It is thanks to their participation, their involvement and their sense of belonging that we can maintain all along the year the continuity of our corporate culture .
It is thanks to many of them for their length of service and their high competence level that we can improve our high-quality services every year.

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Plage Beau Rivage Crew

Main shareholder and General Manager since 2005

Antoine ATTIA

General Director

Hired in 1997, he has evolved from being a sous-chef to a chef and then operations manager. He is the guarantor of the good organization on the ground. He trains and recruits the seasonal staff members .He controls the consumption and he is also in charge of the putting up and the dismantling of the beach. He participates very actively in the elaboration of the offer and the layout of the beach.

Stephen Innocenti

Operations manager

Hired as an executive secretary in 2002, she knew how to take over more responsibilities and she has developed her abilities. She is responsible for the respect of legislation in all its levels (legislation of work, billposting, preliminary declaration, relation with the different local institutions) and human resources. She is also in charge of all group event organizations starting from 10 people up to 1200. Finally, she is responsible for the communication and the marketing.

Séverine Jaffeux

Assistant Director

Started in November 2006 as sous-chef after spending many seasons with us. He elaborates the cards and the menus and manages his kitchen team.

Laurent Oriti-Niosi


Started in 1996, Christine is the first maitre d’hôtel. She is in charge of the organization of the services at the level of the restaurant and the lounge. She participates in the organization of work and in recruiting. She knows all the customers, their needs and expectations.

Christine Santiago

1st Maître d’hôtel

Started in 2004 as the first line cook , he climbed the ladder to become a sous-chef now . During the peak season, he helps the chef and also takes his responsibilities in the absence of the latter during the summery season.

David Rivière

Second de cuisine

Hired by the hotel in 1999 as a prep-cook, he knew, thanks to his motivation and aptness, how to climb the ladder and became the first line cook. It is him who is often in charge of training the new kitchen members during the season.

Mickaël Martinez

Line Cook

Mongi has been here longer than the other staff members. On his arrival, he was hired as a dishwasher. He proved thanks to his involvement that his competence level is much more important than that. During the season, he regularly shoulders the responsibility of the kitchen at the level of entrées as well as the desserts and also at the level of the banquets. He is the guarantor of cleanliness and hygiene. He manages the seasonal dishwashers and gives his opinion on their recruitment.

Mongi Chtioui


Beau Rivage, One Beach with Two Areas, Two athmospheres

The Beau Rivage Beach can offer you in one place two atmospheres : a zen area and a trendy area

The Plage Beau Rivage is located in Nice, the ideal setting to enjoy the moment and discover the flavors of the Cote d’Azur also known as the French Riviera. Come and enjoy an idyllic setting facing the Mediterranean Sea. Our team welcomes you on every day of the year duing every season, and our goal is your satisfaction. Personalized greeting and services.




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